Lectora 18 quick review

approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
A personal review.

Start Screen

Stock Buttons

Camtasia Snagit

Disable tablet phone view
Maybe ok, though not something a client has ever requested.

HTML5-only publish
I'm surprised you're still publishing using Flash. I would prefer you actually published valid, good, accurate, correct HTML5 and not rely on last century JavaScript to generate pages.

Drag and Drop Limit

Scale to Fit
The implementation appears to have some issues.

Enhanced audio events
Not very well implemented (I know for sure because it's slowed the whole course creation process on audio-heavy courses).

Not great, for example:
1. When you select say Chinese there's only one choice yet there are three common Chinese languages
2. When you set a focus color on a small item the focus color obscures (goes over) the item

xAPI Publish
If a xAPI published course works with your LRS then I think (ie I could be wrong) it would be more by luck than design. The xAPI specification is broad and 3rd party tools like Lectora need to make assumptions about how and what they support.

cmi5 Publish
A test cmi5 published title I created sends/receives statements correctly.