Disable Video Player Full Screen Option

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CHALLENGE: When an employee clicks the full screen option on the video player bar, it enlarges the screen for some people but not all. Others are experiencing black screens with audio still playing in the background. The full screen option also is causing the rest of the interactivity to be thrown off in the course, as the video hides to show interactive portions.

QUESTION: Has anyone found a way to disable the full screen option on the video player? I tried playing around with custom skins but have failed to have any luck. I also want to make sure the course is 508 compliant.


  • heidi
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    I had also submitted a request to Trivantis to offer an optional skin without Full Screen. A couple weeks ago they said they were looking into the full screen issue that occurs on Chrome.
  • timk
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    You can hide the fullscreen button with javascript:

    document.getElementsByClassName("mejs-fullscreen-button")[0].style.visibility = "hidden";
  • klaatu
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    In additional to Tims code above (beat me to it) you'll also have to add the following (replacing 'video40' with your videos HTML name):

    document.getElementById("video40").addEventListener("contextmenu", function(e) {e.preventDefault();});

    This will prevent the right click context menu which also allows full screen. Keep in mind, however, that the console is always available and those savvy can get around just about anything you do.