Older course re-exported with 18.0.2 no longer tracking last page visited in LMS

dfulgoni6403 Community Member Posts: 22 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hi all,

Any idea why a Lectora 16 course that worked fine in our LMS (SumTotal) would start having issues when edited and uploaded as a new course using Lectora 18.0.2? The course has a timer using the AICC_Time variable, and we have the "last viewed page" prompt checked.

However, with the new upload, the timer resets every time and the learner always starts back at page 1 no matter the progress. I'm publishing using SCORM 1.2 and I've tried seamless, non-seamless, and also HTML5 only. Also multiple browsers. Same issue each time.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Dominic