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I've been searching to find a way to publish my course offline and all the instructions I find for this seem to only apply to Lectora Inspire. I don't see the option at all in Lectora Online. I just wan to check if I'm not missing something and if it is possible to publish offline from Lectora Online?





  • Hi Tanya,

    Publish to offline is currently only supported on our desktop products Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher. Currently, it is not possible to publish to offline from Lectora Online.

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    Not sure what your goals are with this but remember you do have ReviewLink included with your Lectora Online subscription. Just publish to ReviewLink and then when finished click the go to ReviewLink button. It's a great way to get feedback on your course.

    If you are wanting to host it and you have a Google account you can upload your HTML publish to Google Drive, check out this article:

    Just a few ideas if those would work for you. We are thinking about implementing the offline publish in Lectora Online so we'd love to hear what you would like to use it for.
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    Thank you for confirming and the advice.

    We are looking to put the eLearning on a tablet at the venue and want it offline because the venue wifi is a bit unreliable. It is only for a demonstration to the client, so it does not need to report back to a LMS. Guess we'll have to risk the wifi.