cmi5 and state doc

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The xAPI title I was working in was meant to be cmi5! Not too much work wasted.

The published title is launched correctly by a dummy LMS we've built and the title successfully fetches an authorization token. The next thing the title needs to do is to

"... get the 'contextTemplate' value from the 'LMS.LaunchData' State document."

Here I'm lost. The cmi5 spec gives no indication as to how the title is meant to query the LMS for this information. The client has yet to choose an LMS/LRS but she believes that if both the title and the LMS are cmi5 compliant then all will be fine.

Does anyone know how to get the 'contextTemplate' value or where I can find out how to get it?


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    approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Well I worked my way through the spec. I was having a lot of trouble till the wonderful guys at Rustici guided me in the right direction. I know have "complete" control over the statements that are sent/received by Lectora though I do need to manually edit the cmi5.xml file that is published so that the course is treated the way the client needs it (it would be nice if Lectora allowed me to change the settings within the title.)

    If anyone else needs help with cmi5 please ask.