Autoplay not working in New Windows on iPad

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I'm developing a course that has a few pop-up windows with audio. So, there is a main Lectoa page with a button that opens another Lectora page in a new window. There is audio on both the main page and on the pop-up page.

The actions are set up so that the audio on the main page stops when the button is clicked. Then, in the new window there is audio that is set to autoplay.

This works fine on a computer. However, when viewed on a iPad, the audio on the second pop-up window doesn't play. All the other audio on the main Lectora pages autoplay just fine. It's just the audio in the new window pages.

I'm using Lectora 17 and publishing with seamless play selected.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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    There is a problem when you display a popup on mobile with auto start. It is because our "work-around" for auto starting media does not work from window to window. We feel it's best practice, on mobile anyway, to navigate to a new page instead of having a popup. Then the new page can have a "close" button that returns to the previous page. Hopefully this is an option for your course.
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    falcon44nkc Community Member Posts: 90
    Thanks for the information. I was able to design it so it navigated to a new page. Thanks!