Kiosk mode

Dear CVR team,

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful service. I am really grateful to it and being part of the community.

Here're some new features I wish you add in near future.  I may call it "Kiosk mode" feature as a special function of a special group.

If a student was assigned to the "Kiosk"featured group, the opening screen of CVR is a little different from regular one.

He will see the original logo of the group, no tabs for loaded scenarios, assigned scenarios, and public scenarios. No middle screen, either. But more Scenario thumbnails available in one screen.

We have some requests of making VR training apps from vocational schools. In those environments, administrators want to control functions of apps. They don't want to students use other functions than what they want. And Oculus Go doesn't support kiosk mode yet.

Students don't need to download the latest scenario by themselves, either. The app automatically check the update and install it when needed.

Also, I would like to  make a scenario of stereoscopic movie data. I saw the release of new Insta 360 Evo this morning. I want to make training app for trainees for food chefs and haircutters.