Legal needs hard copy of screens and comments

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Our legal department needs hard copy of every screen in a course, with  all markups and comments. The only way I have come up with to do this is to launch the course in ReviewLink and then take a screen grab and paste each one into a word document. It's not ideal ... long threads require two or more screen grabs, and the lowest part of the screen is cut off by the comments section. Any ideas?


  • jjones5058
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    As a publisher, you can use the Export and PDF buttons on the Comments tab to export comments based on the filter settings to either a CSV file or to PDF.  You can also optionally use the same corresponding buttons for an individual comment thread in the Comment Thread panel.  Page markup is unfortunately not included in the export to PDF so if you need to print those out too then your best bet is to launch the markup links from the comment thread and take a screenshot of each.