Submit Form to SmartSheet

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Currently I have a Lectora Form that I submit to Google Drive.  Works great.  I then take that data and send to SmartSheet using a SmartSheet add-0n to sync the 2.  SmartSheet automatically creates a new Sheet, and syncs all the data.  There seems to be a 5,000 row limit however with that setup, so I'd like to go straight from Lectora to SmartSheet.  I tried setting up a SmartSheet with SmartSheet form, and sending the Lectora form to it - seems to work on the Lectora side, but no data gets transferred.

Has anyone successfully transferred from a Lectora module to SmartSheet successfully before?  Any hints where I might start researching?

(in case you are wondering why - one of the ways I use it is that I let users select their role for a particular topic, and the modules are customized based on their selection.  I want to send that data to SmartSheet so that if the compliance group wants to either spot check, or verify users are selecting their appropriate role, they have that data.  SmartSheet is their preferred tool.)
- Adam Cain