Frequent crash to desktop in Publisher 18.0.2

nkummert8322 Community Member Posts: 7

I've been experiencing frequent crashes to desktop without warning while working in Lectora Publisher version 18.0.2. Sometimes they happen while I am authoring, other times they happen while Publisher is in the background and is not being used. At their worst, these crashes have happened multiple times in the span of 30 minutes. I do not get any error message or warning when these crashes occur, or when I reopen Lectora.

Here's some additional information about my configuration:

I’m running Windows 10 64-bit version 1803

Intel i5 7200U dual-core processor at 2.71ghz with 8gb ram

The files I’m working with are generally around 100 slides and are 200 megabytes in size. I’m usually only running chrome or outlook in the background while I run Lectora. I am also running Lectora at 1.25 UI scale (using the windows setting).

I greatly appreciate any help you can offer!