Lectora Online Limitations (Free vs. Paid)

sgadam2774 Community Member Posts: 5
Hi, I would like to know what are the exact limitations between Lectora Online/Inspire trail version vs. Lectora Online/Inspire paid version?

Revert back to me at [email protected] ASAP.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Sandeep Gadam


  • lsilver
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    Hi @sgadam2774

    The only difference between the Trial versions of our products and the full, paid versions is that the Trial versions expire after 30 days.

    Content published from Lectora Publisher/Inspire will show a message indicating it has been published from a trial version.

    Lectora Online will restrict you from exporting titles.

    I hope this helps!
  • sgadam2774
    sgadam2774 Community Member Posts: 5
    Is there a way to export/transfer the file (lectora online package .pkg) thats created in a Lectora Online trail account into paid/licensed account?. If yes, please provide the steps to do.

    Revert back to me at [email protected]

    Many Thanks,
    Sandeep Gadam
  • tea
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    @sgadam2774 with your title open, click File - Export - Lectora Online Package. This will download a .pkg file of your title. In the paid LO, from the Getting Started click on Import Lectora Online Package File and then import the .pkg you downloaded.
  • sgadam2774
    sgadam2774 Community Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the help.

    Also can you please help out on how to create 508 accessibility in Lectora online? How to add ALT text for text box? Do we need to add ALT text manually for all the text boxes or does it read by default.? If yes please provide detailed information. Right now it only reads for the few buttons and images, but not for all the graphics present in the module. We even tried choosing the Accessibility option while importing the PPT file. But this doesn't work either.


    Thank you!
  • sgadam2774
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    Hi, we are able to fix the 508 compliance for the text box.

    We need help while considering 508 compliance for the text vs audio synchronization. We have inserted a audio and added events to the audio at some point, Is there a way that text should be readable when it animates in between the audio?

    We observed that only loaded text in the beginning is readable. Animated text which is appearing along with audio on screen is not reading. Is there any option in lectora online so that text appeared on screen in between audio should be readable?

    Thank you.
  • mnotermans5114
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    Basically all you want is possible by using Javascript. By default there are some limits as you noticed. If you want to surpass those you can by using Javascript and CSS. You should however consider how much specific needs you have. If too many you probably better off building a course in pure HTML and then add scorm-options otherwise.

    Kind regards,