Re-downloading scenarios in app update

Hello Cenario VR team, first of all, I want to thank you very much for making such a wonderful web service. It's really amazing that I can create VR app such intuitively and easily. I really love this service.

I found an issue regarding app update just know ( March 5, 2019 ) . I use Oculus Go and there's an app update. When I updated the app, I found all the previously downloaded scenario data had been gone and I had to down load them manually again.

We are planning to use Oculus Go with Cenario VR at  remote car driving schools. If we have to go manually download all the data on all Oculus Go every time there's update, it's kinda tough.

We know we can teach the school staff how to re-install the cenario data when app update occurs. But if there was any solution or improvement, it will be really helpful.