Simulate Text Entry?

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Hi Everyone,

Maybe I see too big, but I was looking for an example of text simulation.

Basically I want the user to type exactly B30 in a search area (caps not required) so it can return the proper image (a screen shot of what is available for that value).  So far I have not seen something similar in the available examples (or maybe there's another name for that? English is not my first language sorry...).

If such example exists, please point me in the right direction ;)

As well, I'm looking for classes/books to learn the software (I fill bad flooding this forum with zillion questions) if you have any ideas, I'm open :D

Thank you guys!


  • cainam
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    Hi - I threw together a quick example - essentially you have a text entry field, and you need to check that text field for the specific values.  If caps or no caps are fine, then you need an action with 2 possible conditions per entry.

    I put all the actions in one action group, and have that action group fire when the user clicks the enter key on their keyboard, or clicks the button on the screen.  The action group hides all the text fields, then shows the proper field based on the user entry.

    hope this helps!
    - Adam Cain
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    That helps so Much!

    Thank you! :D
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    @Adam Cain's answer is excellent for the specific case. However, if the correct entry contains more than one letter and case doesn't matter, testing all the possible conditions can quickly become tedious.  For longer text entries, consider first a Run JavaScript action to run the following script:
    var userEntry = VarYourTextBoxNameHere.value;
    var lc = userEntry.toLowerCase();
    You can then run just one conditional test to see if the lowercased version of whatever the user typed matches what you need it to match.
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    Awesome Thank you! :)
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    I don't think there are too many books. Software usually develops faster than you could publish the next edition.

    You can find some videos for beginners in the Knowledge Base

    The Shared Content area can provide you with lots of samples, mostly for very specific problems, but they'll show how things are done in Lectora.

    With regards to the zillion-3 other questions: Just fire away as long as you don't expect a zillion answers within 60 minutes ;-)
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    Videos? Awesome (next stop videos in the forum! :D)

    Thank you for everything this is cool! :D:D:D