Lectora 19 Capability Questions

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Hi there,

I was just wondering if I could ask a few quick questions in regards to Lectora 18s capabilities.

At the moment we have been using Captivate to create a piece of Mobile learning and we are finding it lacking in few areas so wanted to see if Lectora 18 could maybe solve some of these issues.

So the questions I have are:
  1. Can you replace an object, text etc. with another object, text when the dimension of a page is changed? For instance when a dimension gets to mobile portrait size an image is replaced with text for instance?
  2. Can you have say a horizontal or vertical menu reorganise itself into a hamburger menu when the dimension of the page gets smaller?
I think that's it for now but we may well have more questions going forward.

Thank you.


  • approg
    approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Lectora lets you edit your title for a variety of separate device views: desktop, tablet, phone (landscape)... The appropriate view should display on a device eg. on a phone held in landscape the phone (landscape) view will be displayed. When you are editing the title it would be up to you, for a specific view, to move off screen (hide) any content you don't want viewed and to move on screen (display) any content you do want to display.

    Can objects reorganise themselves based on screen size and/or device? No, not without manually adding a bunch of custom JavaScript. Your only real option is, as I mentioned above, to replace content in specific views. That is, generally speaking you need to have multiple bits of content to cover all device views.