Course Not Bookmarking in IE on SumTotal when browser window closed

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Hi, Recently (since v17 ) we found that our courses will not bookmark using the IE11 browser. They will bookmark in Chrome. The LMS is SumTotal. We did use the special extension for that LMS. Bookmarking on these scorm  published courses will not work when the browser window is closed. It WILL work if the user exits using the Exit button within the course. We have tried so many different things, I am now wondering if we can send info back to the LMS on every single page that will record the user's current page. but I dont know if that is possible. Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks, Heidi


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    You could always build your own bookmarking feature - self-contained within the module.

    Say you create a variable I'll call 'var_page' initially equal to 0, and retain variable between session.  On the first page 'on page show, mod var_page equal to 1', and the 2nd page 'on page show mod var_page equal to 2', etc.

    Then add a button on the module that you would likely describe in your 'navigation page' that it is a bookmarking feature allowing the user to jump back to the last page they visited if not taking the module all at once.

    That bookmarking feature / progress tracker... whatever you'd like to call it, would show them a button option to return to the last page they were on (the button would have a series of actions attached... 'go to page 1 if var_page = 1', next action is 'go to page 2 if var_page = 2', so on and so forth for as many pages as you have.

    You could probably also do this leveraging the status indicator?  Anyway, this one option that should work - there are likely other ways to deal with this as well - maybe there is a simple action you could add to every page that would commit the variable value and communicate it to the LMS - so maybe wait a few days to see other responses before committing to a resolution.  ;  )
    - Adam Cain
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    I tested in moodle with Lectora 17.0.6 (no seamless play) and IE 11. In my combination the default bookmarking works flawlessly. In the end this might mean that there are lots of potential sources for your issue.

    You can set LMS values with javascript. The bookmark is saved in cmi.core.lesson_location (Scorm variable) via AICC_Lesson_Location (Lectora). I tested with an action on AU level:

    On: Show
    Action: Run javascript
    var adress = window.location.href.split("/");
    var bookmark = adress[adress.length-1];
    LMSSetValue("cmi.core.lesson_location", bookmark);

    The code retrieves the file name of the current page (e.g. "a001_page_1.html") and saves it to the LMS immediately. Through this "AICC_Lesson_Location" is bypassed but you might check whether this variable is updated correctly in your course and use it instead.

    This worked in moodle, i.e. the bookmark (cmi.core.lesson_location) is updated whenever a page is loaded. The default prompt to redirect me is shown when I reopen the course ... but of course at this point the LMS value has been overwritten by Lectoras default bookmarking.

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    This can happen when IE 11 goes into a compatibility mode and reports itself as an older browser. We have a fix that we will implement in the next release of v18.

    For the short term, you can use Tim K's solution (above), or put an on show action at the title level which does this:

    Modify Variable -> AICC_Lesson_Status set it to VAR(AICC_Lesson_Status)

    Put that action on a delay of 0.25 seconds to ensure that bookmarking is done.

    That will call LMSCommit() which will request the LMS SCORM Player save to the server.
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    Hi Joe! thanks for you know about when the next release of v18 Inspire will be - ballpark?

    Tim and Adam - thanks for offering suggestions, we will try those plus Joe's suggestion for a short term fix. Hopefully one will work if the next release will be a while.


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    Hi Heidi!
    We are shooting for end of April, but it's possible we do a maintenance release sometime in March. Sorry I don't have anything more definite than that at this time.
    - Joe
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    @Wheels Thanks! This workaround was helpful.
  • lfowlercarter4895
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    @Wheels What is the best way to manually reset the AICC_Score if using the solution you mentioned? Reset All Variables only handles user-defined variables, I know that would not work.


    I need the bookmark to clear upon relaunch of the course after a learner has failed the test.
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    The AICC_Score is only ever being set to itself in this case to cause an LMS_Commit to happen so the lesson location is saved.

    In your case it sounds like you should set the variable AICC_Lesson_Location to empty (nothing set) when the test is failed.
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    You could also test the AICC_Score when loading the course, and if it's below the passing value (e. g. 80%) then navigate to the first page.