Test scores correctly in all browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer

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Hi Everyone,

I've got a very strange issue with a test I've created - when published to HTML, it provides an accurate score in every browswer except Internet Explorer.

When published as SCORM, everything works as intended in all browsers. When published to HTML, the test scores correctly in:
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

...but when published to HTML and run using Internet Explorer 11, the test awards 100% regardless of the learner's answers to each question.

See attached image showing the variables and debug output for the same test run in Firefox and IE - identical question variables for both, but when the test is submitted the IE version saves VarAssessment_Score to 100 (rather than 25, which is accurate).

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? These tests were created using Lectora's CSV import feature which I suspect may be a potential culprit.

I've created a new Test object and moved the questions across but that didn't seem to help.

Thanks in advance,



  • timk
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    I've never seen that. Which version is it?

    I'm wondering why the value of "Assessment_Score" would be "25%" / "100%", when it should be "25" / "100". Is the "_Empty_Test_Section" empty? The score for it should not be "100" if it was.
  • wheels
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    Maybe there is a JavaScript error, can you open up the browser debugger (F12) and look on the console tab to see if there are any red errors?


    Please post the title here, or send it to [email protected] I would love to see if I can reproduce that.

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    @timk - I was publishing from Lectora 17.0.1, but after reading your post I went back and published from my other L16.2.2 license... and the test is scoring correctly in IE!! In hindsight this should have been the first thing I tried.

    Now, why L17 doesn't publish properly is anyone's guess - I tried a couple of other things to no avail:
    • Removing the test object and replacing with a fresh one
    • Removing the Assignable Unit and replacing with a fresh AU
    • Removing and re-adding the ProcessTest action
    • Creating an entirely new blank course and migrating the existing content across

    I'm conscious that 17.0.1 is reasonably old, but hesitant to upgrade for the usual reasons!

    As an aside, I have a custom results page that shows the score as a percentage. The test is processed and the score is 25 / 100, then an OnPageLoad action concatenates the "%" character before displaying it on page to the learner.

    @wheels - The console's not throwing up any errors, from the course's point of view everything is running fine. The only difference in any of the debug output is that L17 + IE = score set to 100 no matter what.

    The only theories I have left:
    • My copy of 17.0.1 is haunted by a poltergeist
    • Bill Gates is plotting a conspiracy to give IE users bonus points
    • ??????
  • timk
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    I've been working with 17.0.6 for a while now, it publishes correctly. For v17.1.8  I haven't heard about too many complaints so it may be an option.

    You can identify and ban the poltergeist with: getDisplayDocument().Triv-QA_poltergeist.setDisabled(true)

    The poltergeist theory still seems more likely than the idea Microsoft / Apple / Google would consider the issues developers might have with their products ;-)

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    @timk - LOL!

    After further poltergeist-hunting, it turns out that my issue only occurs when published from L17 and run in IE offline. When deployed to a web server all appears to be working correctly, so I think my problem is (effectively) solved.

    My maintenance contract has expired and I'm not particularly keen to shell out for any further updates, especially with the lackluster L18 release. Will keep chugging away and ghostbusting on L17 until a decent challenger appears!

    Thanks both for your input.