Newbie need guidance :)

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Newbie here,

Trying to figure out if there's a way to associate multiple images with a Hotspot popup text.  Basically when a user click on a hotspot the result is the text+images on one sequence.  So far I see that action is for 1 object only . (I added a screen shot of the desired end result). is that doable in Lectora if yes how?

Towards training any recommendation  that would help that sort of questions (books, videos, training, etc)

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  • smiller7502
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    Welcome! There are at least two ways to address this, and both techniques will be very valuable for many, many other things:
    1. You can execute more than one action from the same click on the same hotspot. Just add a second action to show the second object.
    2. You can group the two objects together and set your one action to show the group. To group the objects, click once on one of them, then Ctrl + Click on the other(s); then right-click one of the objects and click Group. Or, click Group on the Insert tab and then drag your objects into the new group.
  • _leel00_
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    That is exactly what I was looking for thank you! :)
  • _leel00_
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    Hi Stan,

    Where should the action should be place to reset (make the group hotspot disappear) from the stage? I tried just below the Group, under the hotspot even on each one with not avail.

    What I'm missing? I added a screen shot of my section (with an attempt of placing the action at the right spot) to help.

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  • carlfink
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    When do you want the text and graphic to be removed? When the mouse moves off the hotspot? If so the action attaches to the hotspot, and it's the OnMouseExit action that would trigger the Hide action.
  • _leel00_
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    Hi Carl,

    In the situation I work on it was not the OnMouseExit the user must click the popup to turn it off. Learning from templates got it ups and downs, I finally figure out what reset_stage variable meant, it's a not a variable it's a group! (mega facepalm)

    I added the required actions and all works.

    Thank you for the pointers it will be helping on my next situation I need to simulate :D