Assessment Customization

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Please help me if the following points can be done in Lectora:
1. Randomization: Our assessment questions are created by dividing all the questions into topics. Let's say 100 questions for Topic 1 and 75 questions for Topic 2 are created. In the exam, we want 10 questions from Topic 1’s 100 questions and 7 questions from Topic 2’s 75 questions to be picked at random for each candidate who appears for the test. As we have created our questions keeping in mind this requirement, we are trying to replicate the same in Lectora.
2. Timer: I would like to know if a timer could be set for the whole exam. For example, 50 mins to solve 100 questions.
3. Report generations, certification and data sheet creation: I can see the results could be shown at the end of the exam. Is it also possible to generate a certificate with marks obtained in the exam? Also, can a report be generated and the database of all the tests taken by the candidates.Also, report of all the exams taken by one candidate.


  • timk
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    1. Yes, that's possible. You can structure the test chapter in sections and randomly pull any number of questions from each section.

    2. Setting a time limit for completing the test is a standard feature. You can execute any action you like when the time is up

    3. You can create a certficate page and fill in variable values from the course / the current attempt. All reports concerning all participants or all attempts of the same participant are beyond the limits of the current attempt. I don't think there's a way to do this with Lectora alone.
  • agogoi2266
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    Thanks Tim. I understood the first 2 answers and implemented those.

    Could you help me how to carry out a completion integration from Lectora to LMS? We want to maintain a database of results of all the tests ever taken. So, when the test results are generated in Lectora, how to transfer that data back to the host website (in this case, a LMS) automatically?

    Please help is there is any api/ sdk available for this integration at the end of a test. Or is it possible within Lectora?