Lectora Variables/Progress Not Saving After Course Completion in LMS

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Once a course is complete in the LMS, we want students to be able to reopen the course anytime and revisit the results page. Once the course is set to complete, you only get this option one time. If a student completes a course, closes the course, and reopens it:

On the FIRST time reopening the course they will be offered the option via popup notification window to be sent back to where they were when they exited the course, all variables and progress saved.

On the SECOND time reopening the course, they are not offered the choice to go back to where they left off. They are sent back to Page 1 with all variables reset.

This has been an issue for courses published with Lectora in two different learning management systems: Cornerstone and Workday Learning.

Is this intentional, and is there any way to change this behavior?

Also, I'm on Lectora v17. If this is changed in v18, great, as we are in the process of acquiring new licenses.


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    Interesting issue... and strange that it's only being reset on the second visit. Sounds like on the first time the variables are still stored in the browser cache or similar, only to be flushed out at some point and resetting the course.

    Are all your user-defined variables set to "Retain variable value between each session?"

    You can't set this for any of the Lectora-defined score variables (if that's what's being displayed on your Results page) but you can set the test to "Retain Answers Between Sessions".

    Let us know how you get on!
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    You could in principle (I have NOT tried this) have actions on the first page that read the student's score from the LMS and go to the results page if it's nonzero. (If a student scores a zero, odds are they do not want to ever see the results page again!)
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    I'm not sure this is caused by Lectora, unless you had an action to reset the variables. It's a main task of the LMS to save values about a users progress and performance in a course and to decide whether or not the course is allowed to overwrite values like Score or Status.

    I neither know Cornerstone or Workday, but moodle says: Once an attempt is "completed" the values cannot be changed anymore (isn't this what completed / finished means?). All values are saved for this attempt and (depending on the setting) the next time a user opens the course a new attempt is started. "New" means the course is "not attempted" and all variables have their initial values (they are not reset). All values for the previous attempt are saved, but not accessible from the new attempt.
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    I have experienced the same thing as well. Recently I uploaded a Lectora built course onto our LMS (Gan Integrity). When users stopped the course and tried to return, all variables were wiped and progress was not saving.

    All variables are set to retain and in the SCORM settings, I have set that the user will be prompted to view the last page visited. (SCORM 2004)

    I've been trying to figure out why this is happening. The LMS says it's the course... I'm not able to duplicate it on Scorm Cloud (resetting of variables) so to me, it's an LMS functionality issue. I have to add that we have successfully run other course and variables are retained.

    Any help in troubleshooting this problem would be welcome.

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    @Anne_Setter, a communications issue between course and LMS might not be either one independently having a bug.

    Have you turned on debugging and watched the transactions? Have you monitored the connection with Ethereal or its successor, or another network monitor?
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    @carlFink: No, I haven't tried that... but will. I worked with Trivantis support yesterday. They said there is a known issue and their team is working on a fix. She gave me a Java Script to run... but after testing the course with the java script - it's still not retaining variables on my colleagues computer... but it is on mine. So I'll see what Ethereal says. (I have done debugger mode, but when I close it, it doesn't capture the last interaction or at least that's what I'm seeing...)