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Hi guys! I would like to go with Lectora Online product and I wonder how reliable and helpful would it be?

But before going ahead with this product, I had few more queries regarding this product. Could you please clarify me ASAP the following Notes and Questions for me.
  1. The entire training course will have 5 sections. Navigation will be a menu link that will go to a table of contents. Will user be able to get back to where they came from after they've landing on the TOC page?(For example: If the user in page-10, then clicks on the TOC page, can the user be redirected to Page-10 with the help of Previous/Next buttons.) If you link up the table of contents and then add pages, will the links in the TOC update automatically so that, we don't have to manually re-link that screen every time a slide/page is added or removed.
  2. User will also be able to click the number of each section on the left of the main content area, and see the current section number highlighted. Does Lectora have functionality to have a current state based on the section of the screen?
  3. Do we have an option to Show/Hide the transcript content for the content slides with scroll panel for large content. Are there any other options for displaying the transcript in an accessible way for Lectora?
  4. Best practice is to have slide numbering to indicate progress. Is there any automated way for Lectora to create this 'current_slide_number' of 'total_slide_number' progress indicator where it can indicate the current page and remaining page numbers?
  5. Does Lectora have a skin for an audio player? If yes, can we customize the player skin? If not, what are the possible ways for inserting the custom player skins into Lectora Online?
Could you please get back to me ASAP with the above information.
Thank you for your help and support in advance.
Sandeep Gadam
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    Sandeep, you might want to post in the Lectora Online forum. This one is not specific to that product.