ReviewLink - Lack of bookmarking

brutus Community Member Posts: 8
For the community using ReviewLink, we don't currently see or are anticipating support from Trivantis on bookmarking.  How we define bookmarking:
  • When a reviewer leaves the review of a content item and resumes at a later time, a system behavior where the course launches to the page from which the reviewer closed it upon last access. In addition, all modified variables would be retained (interactions, course menu, role parameters, etc.) and other set variables are retained allowing reviewer to not have to complete these items again in order to continue reviewing the course.
Question:  Is this a limitation whose impact you've been able to mitigate with reviewers, and if so, how do you address it?

Frequently, our reviewers have only small and interrupted periods of time accessible, and so need flexibility to perform review on a portion of a solution and return to it repeatedly until done, thus we're looking to help with their efficiencies, given that they often work in this manner.


- Brent


  • cainam
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    Something I have done in the past is put in a table of contents so that users can jump around.  Easy to add, easy to remove when publishing your final version to your LMS.

    If that doesn't work for you, you could always track with variables, and have your own pop-up that will take the user back to the page they were on?
    - Adam Cain
  • jjones5058
    jjones5058 Community Member Posts: 21

    The bookmarking behavior you describe is found in an LMS and unfortunately, ReviewLink is not an LMS.  As a review tool, the only state that is captured is that regarding comments on a page by either a reviewer or the publisher.


    Adam suggestion of using a table of contents could be a good solution that publishers can provide to reviewers to quickly navigate to a particular page.