Adding "Extra Credits" to a Test Submitted to Google Drive

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Hi Again Everyone,

I’m back, with a new Google-Drive-related woe! I currently have a test set up with:
  • 30 questions (worth 1 point each)
  • 1 extra credit question (worth 3 points)
  • Responses and final score submitted to Google Drive (using the in-built Lectora functionality)

If a student gets all 30 questions correct, they should be awarded 100%. If, in addition, they get the extra credit question correct, they should be awarded 110%.

This is easy enough to do on the “Results” page I have set up:
  1. Process Test/Survey Action
  2. Add 10 to the Assessment_Score variable
  3. Display Assessment_Score

But this is not accurately reflected in Google Drive, as the results are uploaded immediately before the extra credit can be applied.

Has anyone attempted this before, or have any clues on how to “inject” the extra points into the score before they’re submitted to Drive?

My best guess is to add a post-publish “if” statement to the page that processes the test, to add the extra points to the score variable if Question 31 is correct (see attached screenshot). Would be great if there was a more elegant method though as this course may be updated often and I want to avoid post-publish tweaks as much as possible!

Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • danam
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    Add a delay to the action to send the score.

    But...can you do that? Compliant?

    It is counter to the max score setting capabilities.
  • carlfink
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    I agree with Dana. Most LMSes will limit score to 100%.
  • _
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    Agree that it's probably not compliant to force the score above 100% for an LMS deployment, but we're running these as straight HTML with the Google Drive integration.

    Maybe I can add a column to the results spreadsheet with the final score including the extra points, if the value for the extra credit answer is correct...

    Edit: That doesn't work, as any new entry in the sheet overwrites the custom formula! May be better off scrapping this idea altogether. :(
  • carlfink
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    Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, you could have a second quiz in the course, with some kind of badge or certificate displayed (e. g. "SUPER-EXPERT!") if the person passes both the main test and the extra one. Even with an LMS you can save two test scores, IIRC.