"or" statements in actions

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Hello, I've been trying to get "or" statements to work in Cenario VR. This is what I mean by "or" statements:

I have scene A with a hotspot that links to scene B. Scene B has 4 different options to click on. Scene B also has another hotspot to take you back to scene A.

I want the hotspot in scene A to disappear if and ONLY if ANY of the 4 diferent options in scene B have been clicked on.

I tried adding 4 separate actions:

Scene A   \ on show\

\show\   Scene A hotspot   \if\   X1   \has not been shown\  (when you click on the thing it shows a lot of stuff)

\show\   Scene A hotspot   \if\   X2   \has not been shown\

\show\   Scene A hotspot   \if\   X3   \has not been shown\

\show\   Scene A hotspot   \if\   X4   \has not been shown\


I thought this might trigger an "or" statement in the action (e.g. if you do X1 or X2 or X3 or X4, Z will happen), but it doesn't work.

Hopefully I'm making sense.



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    I think the simplest way to handle this is using a transparent image on scene B object as a "boolean" value.

    Try this:

    Add an image object in scene B with a completely transparent PNG (or you could just use a transparent hotspot). Set it to initially not visible.

    If any of the hotspots on scene B are selected, add an action to show the transparent image/hotspot (which won't actually show anything)

    For your condition on Scene A check to see if the transparent image/hotspot has been shown

    I use logic similar to this for the Office Safety scenario.




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