Lectora Online Published Content not Loading in Chrome or IE

sfineran3563 Community Member Posts: 3
Hello! I could really use some help on a strange issue. Last week, one of our clients reported that one module in a multi-module course has stopped loading and after testing, we have discovered that it does not load in Chrome or IE, but will load in Firefox.

What is odd is that the other modules that were published and uploaded at the same time are working just fine. When I open the web inspector on this module, the error report reads "Trivantis not defined."

Any ideas?

Thank you!


  • wheels
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    It sounds like there is a JavaScript error. The screenshot doesn't have any error message that I can see. If you have any custom scripting maybe check if something was changed recently or look for syntax errors in the internet browser debugger console of Chrome.
  • sfineran3563
    sfineran3563 Community Member Posts: 3
    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for responding! The only custom JavaScript that was included in this course was to add a custom font. Not sure if that is causing the issue... I have attached another screenshot with more information from the browser.

    Would you mind taking a look at the image?