Unable to load Lectora courses on customer's SAP SuccessFactors Learning module

I have a customer that has SAP SuccessFactors Learning module for their LMS.
And the past two courses that I have developed using Lectora, they have not been able to get to load.
Last time I ended up having to redo it in Captivate; I don't want to have to do that again.

I've tried publishing as SCORM, AICC, and HTML and none of them work.  The errors are vague and say things "missing files" or just never load.

I didn't see anything that addressed this.

Any thoughts? ideas?  I'm hoping its just a check box I'm not checking or something.




  • cainam
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    I used to use Success factors - better luck with AICC then SCORM historically - obviously you would need to change your pass value depending on that.  I think we used to just pass back a 'p' value for pass...

    under AICC options check:

    The published course will be presented in a separate window than the LMS, restore last viewed, course will reside on same network.

    Under HTML options:

    do not create a zip file, do not publish for seamless play

    - Adam Cain
  • jmartin9501
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    Thanks Adam!

    I'm not sure I understand your suggestion with regard to pass value using AICC.

    There is no test.

    On the last slide I have a "OnShowModVar" action that sets the AICC_Lesson_Status to "completed".
  • timk
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    Can you share the file? It's very difficult to troubleshoot with so little information...
  • jmartin9501
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    Thanks for the offer Tim.
    Unfortunately I am unable to share.

    Additionally, my customer is several states away so I don't know exactly what is happening.

    I just thought that with SAP and Lectora both being fairly big in their fields that if there were anything special that needed to be done, I could find it here.
  • carlfink
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    I generate Lectora courses for Success Factors. AICC doesn't work with the newer SF versions out of the box, because Lectora supports the most recent draft version of AICC, while SF supports the last accepted version. (Note that all other LMSes tested support both, it's just Success Factors that does not and will not support the draft.)

    I wrote a little Python script that unpacks the AICC package, reorganizes it to match the older standard, and recompresses it.

    Specifically, there are four course structure files with the extensions .au, .crs, .cst and .des. In the draft (which is what Lectora uses) version, they're in a subdirectory called crs. In the Success Factors-recognized final accepted version, they're in the root of the zip file.  Unzip the archive, move/copy those four files, rezip it and Success Factors works.

    We've had lots of problems with SCORM and Success Factors. Believe it or not, after 15 years, they do not fully support SCORM 2004. Try SCORM 1.2 if you do decide to go that way.

    In either case, contrary to what Adam says above, we have found that you must upload a zip file.
  • jmartin9501
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    Thanks Carl!

    I will give that a try.


  • mnotermans5114
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    Scorm 2004 is causing troubles on a lot more systems. Scorm 1.2 is more reliable then 2004. If you cannot run tests yourself on the LMS, use 1.2

    CarlFink's tips sound solid and for sure are worth to try. Use Scorm 1.2 though for sure..

    Further your information lacks. What version of Lectora ? What settings on publishing ? If you want adequate help, deliver adequate information. Check Darrels article on asking and getting help onhere...
  • carlfink
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    I have to correct my previous message. In the .au file there is a URL of the form "..\a001index.html" (for Lectora AICC packages). That says to find the start file for the course in the directory one level up from the .au file. If you move the .au up a level, you have to edit that line to remove the "..\" from the URL. Sorry, been a while since I wrote that script.
  • jmartin9501
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    Thanks Carl!

    Moving the files out of crs and tweaking the .au file did it.

    (And thanks Math, as always, for your input)