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RCD question.  Most of my clients ask for a certificate of completion at the end of a course.  Pre-RCD, this was a piece of cake because I was dealing with just one page size/design.  Now with RCD, I'm designing page layouts for all the varying devices.  For a content page, that's pretty straight forward.  However, it's a little less clear how I would handle a certificate of completion.

When creating an RCD title, are you still including a certificate?  Do you create a different layout for the certificate in each device?

I'm in the process of designing and building a template that's both responsive and accessible, so there will likely be more questions!  ;-)

Thanks in advance everyone!


  • carlfink
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    I haven't done this, but if the certificate is to be printed, surely it has to be a standard (non-responsive) size, or maybe A4 and Letter if your organization is multinational.
  • broeme
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    Yep, the idea would be to allow the learner to print it (using a button set with the Lectora print page action).  I'll be including some content change actions on the page to populate the student name and completion date as well.

    I hear you on the standard size.  If a learner has printing setup on their tablet or phone, then I'd suspect they'd want to print the full size certificate.  Not a smaller, simplified version that fits on their phone.
  • broeme
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    Then again, let's say I create a responsive view of the certificate for each device.  I give them immediate access to reprint the certificate after they've completed the course.  If the learner doesn't like the simplified certificate, they could simply login to a desktop or tablet (landscape) later and print the certificate again.  It's not as user-friendly a solution, but it could work.
  • timk
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    It may be possible to use CSS "@media print" to change the size of the page and the elements only for the printer. This way you could customize the certificate page for the view on the phone and still have it print full size.