Lectora Online text-editor bug(s)

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Alas the text-editing for buttons in the last version of Lectora Online still has bugs and/or weird behaviour.

If you select a text or part of a text of a button and drag your selection to the right, to get all of the text..whenever your cursor/mouse goes out of the textfield...well you loose focus on that textbutton and your selection will not be active.

You have to make sure you dont drag out of your textfield to get all text.... Thats no good userexperience...if i want to edit a text of a button, i dont want to loose focus!...

Check the video added... at first i drag and select like said...out of the textfield..and focus is lost... to ensure i can change the text on the button i have to make sure to select till the borders of the button and no further.


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    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916 ☆ Roadie ☆
    As im working a lot with text, the texteditor is important. So it should be bugfree. It is not.

    When pasting an unformatted text that has a empty line somewhere halfway, the formatting of your existing text is lost and Lectora's inline editor combines the 2 paragraphs to 1, and looses some of the textformat.
    That for sure is a bug.

    The browser i use is the latest Firefox.


    PS. the support form has issues too.
    - You cannot upload videos. Thats a misser, because simple videos like these show issues easily.
    - When enlarging the inputfield for text in the form, the div in which the form is gets too small, so when typing along you loose your submit button and cannot send the bug report.