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Cenario VR Wishlist


I just started with Cenario VR, and as of right now I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of options and functionality it has. To be fair it runs really fast, but its lack of basic stuff is really irritating. With out further ado, here's my wish list (and somewhat a rant list) for Cenario VR:
  • Support for PNG animated sequences with transparency. (Basic stuff really, if we can output to HTML5 this should be supported).
  • Better asset management asset system (adding assets to certain elements is not intuitive).
  • A menu to delete, add, assets (see above).
  • More and better condition options and or rules and maybe (Gasp!) a scripting console that supports Javascript would be nice (although I'm not a programmer, I have access to them). And c'mon guys I looked under the hood I know what's in there.
  • When an object needs to be hidden after its been shown through a rule it should not pop up for a few seconds when going back to a scene. This is particularly consistent when showing final scores
  • need a rule that allows scene to stop at a specific point in time.
  • A way to animate visibility of objects. Try to do that with rules is Wonky and limiting in options. Creates conflict when adding more than one visibility rule for example...
  • Once you have a time rule specifying seconds, and want to add anther time rule, you have to specify seconds again to make it work, no just NO!
  • No options on Cenario to start media on a specific time. I literally have to go to Audition and/or Premiere to cut my media and import it again.
  • Be able to apply a rule or rules to all my scenes at once. (No, Copying a rule and pasting it on the other scenes one by one doesn't count).
Cenario could really benefit by being Marketed with good content. As of now Cenario is so limited that creating decent content is way more difficult than it should (let alone good content). I really should not have to be looking at platforms like Unity to be able to get the functionality I need. At the end of the day Cenario VR is a platform to create content, yes its VR, but audio/visual content nonetheless, I would suggest to take a look at the funcionality of programs like Premiere, Nuke (nodes would be amazing, but I doubt that's on the menu; not even Adobe can give us a proper node system), After effects, Audition, Maya, Cinema4D, etc. and just copy their tools. Seriously, there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

I apologize if I'm being salty. It's late, I'm tired, and I have to show this course tommorr... I mean today in a few hours.

Good night.

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  • johnbjohnb Community Member Posts: 295 ☆ Roadie ☆
    There are several things here which I think we have some good news for:

    need a rule that allows scene to stop at a specific point in time.

    You have the "Pause Scene" action that can be used to stop the scene at any time. You can then use "Play Scene" to start it again, perhaps after some user interaction, or even "Jump To Scene Time" to move around in the timeline.

    Once you have a time rule specifying seconds, and want to add anther time rule, you have to specify seconds again to make it work

    When you create a timed event, the event is created at the current time on the timeline slider, Also, you can have multiple actions happen on the same time event by selecting the "Add Action" button.

    No options on Cenario to start media on a specific time. I literally have to go to Audition and/or Premiere to cut my media and import it again.

    Any media can be started at any time by using timed events on the timeline, or in response to any user interaction as well. Just use the "Play Media" action to play any MP3 audio or MP4 video. You can also use the "Stop Media" action to stop a currently running media item.

    We are looking at implementing animation actions for objects as well so that you will be able to animate objects at any time, not just when making them visible.

    There won't be support for a JavaScript console, as CenarioVR has runtimes for various devices, including the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and many more devices coming. The runtimes are not Web based for all of the supported types. That also holds true for the Animated PNG, which is not even well supported on desktop based browsers, much less on headsets. We are looking to implement native 3D support and animations in the future, which will give you a much better animation possibilities in VR.





  • ksitthyan7990ksitthyan7990 Community Member Posts: 1
    Hi this is kannan from india, i am using Cenario VR, after publish to moodle there was a problem, i am not able to see properly, through the cenario VR app is fine, moodle web player supporting not good, please help me out. is there any plugin to installing my moodle.
  • johnbjohnb Community Member Posts: 295 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Hey Kannan,

    I'm not familiar with the Moodle Web player, are you running SCORM content, or just HTML? Does it run in a separate window, or an iFrame inside of Moodle? What are the issues you saw when running the content?


  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I'm a new user and also have a list of features I'd like to see:
    • Asset management
      • Way to delete unused content imported images
      • Don't allow duplicate filenames
      • Ability to trim audio and videos
      • SVG import
    • Scene objects
      • Drag handles that don't all do the same object resizing
      • x,y,z, rotate values so can precisely position and rotate objects
      • Tool tip ability to position top, bottom, left and right (not just top)
      • Increase no of default icon image resources with ability to change colour
      • Addition of interface on/off panels e.g. so can have a close button that is inline with image object
      • Shadow on/off option
      • Embedding of YouTube videos
      • URL object type so can link to websites
      • Info cards that allow images and text
      • Audio text to speech object with male / female voices
      • Import of 3D objects
    • Scene
      • Progress indicator / play / pause for video scenes
      • Object navigator / finder (top corner circle with coloured dots for all objects in scene)
      • Translation of text, either automated after opening and choosing language or save as separate version
    • Prebuilt templates / samples
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    If a scene has audio its not obvious for users (especially on desktops) to know its playing. Could there be an option for an audio or speaker icon to appear. Or allow users to import animated gifs.
  • johnbjohnb Community Member Posts: 295 ☆ Roadie ☆
    You could certainly show a speaker icon when you are playing audio, and then hide it on the "On Done" action for the audio if you would like a visual representation of the audio playing.

    Animated GIFs fall under the same issue as some of the others, its a Web thing, unsupported on VR headsets. 3D model animations, which are much more suited to the immersive environment, and much nicer than animated GIFs are coming soon, we are working on them as we speak.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I have another feature request. I want to add an introduction audio welcome message to auto play on start, in my main menu. If the user clicks off to one of the menu button scenes I don't want the audio to play again during the session. The feature would be a background audio scene property with an option to play once.

    I got it working using variables and actions. I added the audio to the menu scene and made sure it didn't autoplay. I then went into each menu button scene and added 1 to a counter variable. On the main menu scene properties I added an action on show, to play the audio if the counter equaled 0.
  • johnbjohnb Community Member Posts: 295 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Thats certainly one way to do it. You could also just have an "On Show" action for the scene that plays the audio with several conditions, each checking  that the other scenes "Have not been visited". That way you don't have multiple actions or the need for a variable.
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    I am warned by CenarioVR that iDevices can't play high-resolution 360 video.

    In my opinion, this should not prevent me from using good quality videos entirely! The app knows perfectly well it's on an iDevice, by definition--it's an iOS/iPadOS app! Why can't we upload two versions of the video, the Apple mobile version and the good one, and let only the Apple devices use the lower-res edition? Obviously the two would have to be frame-for-frame identical, but that's the developer's problem, not yours.

    As it currently is, I will have to create two entire scenarios that are identical except that one uses lower-resolution video. Then what, we assign both to everyone, since we don't know what device they will use?

    And if I do a Lectora course that includes HTML5 content from CenarioVR, how will that work? I believe these would be playing in a browser on the Apple device, meaning what--can the iDevices play high-res video through a browser? If not, then we have to have two separate courses, one for Apple users? Or have the Lectora course detect the device and branch, which requires the course to contain both 360 videos?

    One could, of course, use low-quality video for everything, but then it will look absolutely terrible to users who have Oculus Go headsets or the equivalent. In the exactly one test I have done so far, it even looks terrible on a big, high resolution  monitor.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    There does need to be some sort of device detection. I downloaded a public scenario on an iPad and it wouldn't play, it came up with a video error. I then realised that it was the 4k version and I needed the HD version. Same goes for some of the on screen elements,  it would be good to have separate fields for xyz positions and dimensions for objects. That way they would work on all devices.

    PS the app on an iPad attempts to autorotate alot even though its in fixed landscape mode. And the launch text and arrow are lost down the screen in landscape mode, the size of the thumbnail needs to be reduced to stop this from happening. Running on the iPad app also judders a lot even when no video or audio is even being used in a scene.
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    While I'm at it: can we maybe get finer control over navigating the timeline in the developer environment? My video editing experience makes me want to use the arrow keys to move one frame at a time, or maybe one second. Five seconds is very gross movement and makes precise timing tricky.

    Continuing to think about it, I'd love to be able to zoom the timeline control (again, like 100% of modern video editors) to make fine scrubbing/event placement possible. And how about markers, that standby of Premiere and its competitors?
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    More wishlisting:
    • Can objects be given numeric coordinates (in radians?) and thus located precisely? You'd have to change the Properties and Actions to allow numeric entry.
    • Can Trivantis/eLearning Brothers maybe license a library of 360 stock? That's a true "wish" item.
    • I have only had the trial version for a few weeks. May I suggest that all the CVR apps periodically check for scenarios that haven't been used for (say) 60 days, and offer to delete them to free up space, reminding the user that they can be downloaded again if desired?
    • Very minor thing: it struck me funny that your icons (in the Media Library) include an iPhone, many computers and tablets ... and no VR goggles or headsets.
    • Please allow me to swap the 360 content of each scene. At this point, if I decide to downsample a video, or fix up an existing one to hide confidential content, my only option is to start over from scratch--there's no way to keep all the events, objects, media items, etc. I could copy them to a new scene but the targets of all actions would be lost (and events can't be copied). It would be great to go to the settings for the scene and click "Replace 360 content" and just select the new version. Even if I had to fiddle timing and/or placement a little, it would be a huge timesaver.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    At the beginning of YouTube 360 videos there is a white icon animation on a black background of a hand with a mobile moving around to show users the video is  360 video with text 'Move device to explore video'. It would be nice if CenarioVR had this option, perhaps with a toggle to turn on/off on main loading scene and ability to alter the text.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    It would be really useful if you could copy a single actions. You can copy all actions but most of the time I only need to duplicate single actions.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    When using the CenarioVR app, I'm not sure you need the little square icon in the bottom right corner. On the desktop version it makes the browser go full screen but on the app the button doesn't seem to do anything so I think it needs to be hidden / removed.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Another useful feature would be the ability to get notified by email when new 'Public Scenarios' get added. I'm always interested to see what others are doing but would like an email to tell me new content was published rather than opening CenarioVR and going to the public area and filtering by publish date.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Any chance of adding a duration setting to the 'Pan To' action? Currently its quite quick, I want a smoother movement. What I'm trying to do is a screen recording of me panning around a scene so the ability to also pan up and down not just across would be useful as well.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    In Google Tour Creator you can create info hotpots which all appear in a box and the ones which you have clicked/visited have ticks next to them, this would be useful as its a bit more automated, currently you could do the same but it would take a while to create.

    Also by default when you visit a scene, it does a smooth pan of the entire scene. I like this feature to introduce the environment to users.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I'd like to make a CenarioVR  available to a select number of people who I provide a url to but I don't want it to show up in the Public Scenarios area. Is there a way to make a CenarioVR unlisted like you can in Tour Creator?
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Hugh, I would personally like the ability to make text hotspots. Currently, you can only make images or 3D models into hotspots. Also shapes--why can't an arbitrary polgyon be a hotspot?

    You can work around the sharing scenario thing by exporting to HTML5, then putting that code on your own server, if that capability is available to you. Or, if an LMS is easier, you can export as SCORM and add that to the server. In my limited testing both have the disadvantage that, unlike actual CenarioVR scenarios, they don't download every component before playing, meaning long pauses if you use 3D video. With stills they work OK.
  • hvaughan-2540hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 50 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Thanks, yes publishing as a SCORM or HTML5 could work, although its a bit more time consuming to publish, download and upload into a LMS than just providing a url.

    The LearnUpon LMS doesn't seem to take HTML5 packages but the SCORM works.

    It looks like publishing as SCORM also removes the need to login (so is sort of public / free access). Is there a way to force the login, that way the CenarioVR user analytics are retained.
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Hugh, you'd presumably have to use your LRS/LMS system's analytics instead of eLearning Brothers', if you don't run it from their server. They have no way to know who is using the scenario once it's exported.
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    One more small thing: I'm working on a narrated scene in my scenario. If I want to check timings later in the sequence of events, I can start playback at, say, 25 second. Problem: this never triggers the audio that starts playing at 1 second, so I can't actually check the timing.
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    So, working with the scene timeline is unnecessarily finicky. To click on the timeline, or the "stem" of an event flag, you have to literally hit a single pixel. I can't see any UX reason the clickable area couldn't be beefed up. You wouldn't even have to change the graphics. Make the circle indicating the playhead bigger as well. Again, I don't see a downside to this.

    No, I don't plan to stop doing this. :-)
  • carlfinkcarlfink Community Member Posts: 650 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Just a thought: currently, if add an image with the same filename as the previous one, there's no warning and it apparently just overwrites the previous version. That's fine for me, but do you maybe want to have a confirmation dialog?


    EDIT: it's worse. If you add an identical-name file, it gets added without deleting the other file. Now the dropdown list of available images includes all the variants of that name, in no detectable order. To add the correct one from the dropdown you have to try all of them until you find the version you want. Multiple files with the same name in the same list violates some pretty standard rules of interface design.
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