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Are others still having issues with page notes missing?

I've resized the view...I've done the workaround of opening the AWT file in Notepad and changing the X and Y coordinates of the note, then opening the title normally.  However, this issue is past the time to be fixed.

It is at the point now I'm losing faith over something that seems minor, but it is impacting my build time and is frustrating.  It is also sometimes making me and the software look bad.

Someone please tell me there is a real fix for this.


  • smiller7502
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    Yes, still happens to me, and I agree with everything you've said.
  • danam
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    I am sorry, I am not understanding what a page note is.

    The only notes that I know of are the ones that you can put on the page like post-it notes that users are not able to see when they run the course. They are for the developer only.

    They are very valuable for our group when we need to know specifics about how things are linked or created for future reference or development.

  • struitt
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    Dana...that is exactly what I'm talking about.

    I use them to put the scripting for my narration on that page (among other things) so other developers can use it as well as my SMEs and Compliance.  If I can't use/see them, I can't put the scripting there and/or I can't edit it.

    I do not want the learner to see them (that's never been a issue).

  • mnotermans5114
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    I do know its not a real solution... but why not use invisible textfields or offstage textfields instead of notes. I use them all the time for giving tips and help to fellow-developers. That way i dont have to worry about the note-bug ;-)
  • struitt
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    I've thought about that, however I need to be able to print/PDF and the notes to appear along side each page, without them showing within the course itself for Compliance reasons.

    Plus, this is something that should have been fixed years ago.

  • Hi Steven,

    I'm sorry you are experiencing this problem. We have had our QA team look at it and they were not able to reproduce the issue.

    You said that you have modified the X and Y values in the awt to get the notes to show up, what were the values before?

  • struitt
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    The values are random, but high enough to take the note icon out of view and therefore making it not clickable...sometimes very large values such as 3500,2248, for example.
  • Alright thanks, we will start looking into a solution for this. One last thing did you happen to see any negative values at all? Just want to make sure we cover everything.
  • struitt
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    I believe some were negative, however it's been a while.  Most I get are 2000+.
  • vicki
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    I am currently experiencing this with a title. I have five "lost" notes. Now I have an idea of how to locate them.