Embeded YouTube Video starts in the middle

bchamish3198 Community Member Posts: 8
I've embedded a youtube video into my Online title. It uses the stock controller.  When I click to start the video it picks up in the middle and not always at the same time.  I tried adding t=1, to the end of the youtube URL but that doesn't work either. Has anyone experienced this or now how to make the video start from the beginning?




  • mnotermans5114
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    The t=1 code and other related codes like ?rel=0 at the end of Youtube dont work anymore. Mostly YouTube changes cause that, not Lectora. Setting the video to streaming instead of embedded might fix things, as i never encountered a YouTube starting halfway. If you want to embed a video, you might want to capture it first with SnagIt or Camtasia and that add it as .mp4

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