Accessing Coursemill FTP

smink8772 Community Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to access your CourseMill FTP? I am trying to pull a couple of old courses off the FTP to update them. I have been contacting support for over 2 weeks with no response on how to login to our FTP but cannot get a response.


  • avecchi3981
    avecchi3981 Community Member Posts: 3
    Hi Staci,

    We do not usually allow customers to access the CourseMill FTP in order to download their course content. Also keep in mind that CourseMill only contains the published SCORM packages and none of the actual course source materials. Would you be able to give me the case number for the ticket you submitted to support? This will allow me to look at more of your information and then I can reach out directly. If you would like to submit a new case you can always do so at:

    Best Regards,