Mouse Click Action for Text Box Not Working

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Hi Lectora Community,

I'm following the tutorial on “Creating Drag and Drop and Matching Questions in Lectora Inspire” (found here: and want to add the variable text that explains answers after a quiz. (In this particular case, she clicks on the text to reveal a hidden explanation.)

At 41:20, she shows that she set the text box with a Mouse Click event…but I don’t see that as an option when I go to set a variable on a text box action. I only see Show, Hide, Page Show, and Device Rotation as triggers.

Granted, it is a 5 year old video…has this functionality changed?

Ultimately, my goal is to view the answer explanations, so if there is a better way to do that rather than a way to make this work, I'd be just as happy with a different solution.

Thanks in advance!


  • wheels
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    Hi Angela,

    We do not allow mouse actions on a drag and drop question drag item. This is very interesting because right now our desktop product does default the action to a mouse click, which would seem to be an error. But if it is working as shown in the video maybe we should look at which is the right thing to do!

    Asking for some opinions here .... @dfleary @lsilver

    If you are trying to add an more info about an answer, you could add a hyperlink to some text at the bottom of the text block. Clicking the hyperlink could show the answer explanation.

    - Joe
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    Hi Angela ( @amanning5140) and Joe ( @wheels ), although default indeed Lectora doesnot has this feature as Joe points out, i made a workaround for a user who wanted to have the last dragelement stay on top of a heap.

    Checkout my sample here:

    Kind regards,

    Math Notermans