Internet Explorer and CenarioVR

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I have exported my CenarioVR to HTML5 and the hotspots are not working when viewing the content in IE 11.

Is there any minimum requirements to support all the functionallities of CenarioVR?




  • t_johnb
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    IE11 is fully supported by CenarioVR. When using IE, you do need to make sure it is in IE11 mode though. Internet Explorer can be set to "compatibility mode" which makes it emulate IE5-IE10, all of which would be unsupported.

    I've tested a number of scenarios in IE11 to make sure, it seems to work well. Is there something particular you are seeing?

    All other major browsers are supported as well, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari



  • gsl4958
    gsl4958 Community Member Posts: 10
    Thanks! I was suprised because executing the content of CenarioVR with IE11 in the Lectora publisher, the hotspots were not working... But once I've exported and deployed it onto my LMS it work correctly in IE11.


    Thank you very much!


    Have a nice day!