Samsung iFrames Always on Top

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I have an iFrame on my Lectora page, it the same size as my page (both are 1009 x 662).

Inside my iFrame is a custom activity we've built.

When the user first reaches this page, they are welcomed by a Lectora text box and Lectora Button (see attached image). Pressing this button hides this Lectora text box and Lectora Button revealing the iFrame. They then start the activity in the iFrame. The image behind the text box is the iFrame.

This works fine on Desktop and iPhone. However, while testing on Samsung tablets and phones, I am unable to press my Lectora button to hide the Intro Text. Instead, if I attempt to press this button triggers the iFrame to start. So the iFrame video plays whilst the text box remains on top. Meaning the iFrame has taken over the page and is somehow on top of my Lectora button.

My only thought is to hide the iFrame and show is when I hit Start. Regardless, it does appear to be a bug.


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    Is that using the Samsung built in browser? If so, it would be interesting to know if it works in Chrome. The Samsung browser has improved a lot recently but we don't test with or support it yet.
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    Hi Joe,


    This is using the Chrome and Internet apps on a Samsung Galaxy J3 and Samsung Tab A.


    HOWEVER, I have just updated to the latest Chrome on both devices and it is now working there. But is still not working in the Internet App for both. The J3 is Android v5.1.1, the Tab is Android 7.0