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Kill Animations (Lectora only)


When strictly using Lectora objects alone (no extra Javascript), I was wondering if it would be possible to kill animations in the future...

For example: I have built a slider which essentially has 2 buttons for next and previous and when you click either one, it shows the corresponding slide. Of course it would be nice to add some transitions when sliding so I add some fade ins.

Currently with Lectora Online, you can't hide an object if it is mid transition (hence the word 'kill'). In my opinion when an object is told to hide (the CSS equivalent of display:none), everything attached to that object should be killed/stopped. If there is an 'out' transition, then this should start here.

Kind Regards,



  • wheels
    wheels Community Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 553 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hi James,

    I agree, I will write up a bug and look into this.


    Note: After a quick look this seems to work properly with fly-in transitions, we will take a complete look at all of them as we move this through.
  • jreynolds2084
    jreynolds2084 Community Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Joe, I will look out for that. I have mainly noticed it with Fade In/Fade Out. I must stress that the problem occurs when the click (to hide) is during the current animation.

    For example, you have slides A,B,C,D....you want to get from A-D quickly. When you click next 3 times, the fade IN will occur for slide B and then immediately need to hide but it won't, the fade IN will carry on until it is complete, resulting in multiple slides being shown. I hope that helps explain the issue.


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