Error copying HTML files to Coursemill

krichard2476 Community Member Posts: 3
I am trying to publish a course and keep getting this message: " Error copying html files to Coursemill".  I seen a few others post, but no real solutions.

The odd thing is that this works on my production environment but not my test and they are duplicates of each other.  I can get other courses to publish no problems. I have tried to import from the server and that doesn't work either.

Any suggestions?? I have reached out to support as well.  The awt file is 899 KB, but the zip is only  388MB.




  • aliciaforbes
    aliciaforbes Community Member Posts: 5
    I have had the same problem in the past. What I figured out was that some of the file names were too long. so when I published it to coursemill in the publish for review options pop up click on HTML options. select convert page name to short ID-based names checkbox.
  • avecchi3981
    avecchi3981 Community Member Posts: 3
    Hi Kelly. Like Alicia mentioned you definitely want to try enabling the short ID-based names option to see if that fixes your error. Otherwise I would also make sure that your test environment is using HTTPS as anything without a certificate can cause errors when interfacing with CourseMill.
  • krichard2476
    krichard2476 Community Member Posts: 3
    I've tried both of these suggestions and still get the same error.  Any other suggestions.



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