3rd Party Interaction Copy Bug

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I've inserted a Custom DIV onto a page and in Additional Files I've pointed it to a folder containing a HTML5 interaction. When I test the page it all works fine.

If I try to copy the Custom DIV it warns to replace/rename the contents. Which I cancel as I want to reuse the exact same interaction. If I select the Custom DIV icon and then select
Properties > Additional Settings > Addition Files
of, after restarting Lectora,
Properties > Additional Settings > Required Variables
Lectora closes without warning. That is, it crashes!


  • lwilson7839
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    Good morning approg! If you haven't already, I'd report this one to support. They'll likely want to look into the crashing issue, at the very least. https://www.trivantis.com/support-help

    For the issue you have with the program wanting you to rename the resource file, that is most likely because you're copying the object. This is also what happens when you copy something simpler like an image, but that allows Lectora to copy for you whereas I do not believe Lectora can copy this one. To avoid this, rather than copying can you set up the page again as you did the previous and then point it to the same files in additional files? For instance, if you're using a web window or an HTML object you could try putting a fresh object onto the page and pointing it to the same destination.

    This is not something I have done personally, so I'm curious if anyone else has any suggestions!