Audio File Not Loading Properly

jodonnell8947 Community Member Posts: 2 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hi Community.

I'm using Lectora 17 and publishing as SCORM to SuccessFactors.

I have a course with audio on each page, visible controller (default), and content timed to the audio using the audio sync function. For some, a shortened audio file loads, and stops when it reaches the end, thereby leaving out some of the narration and any content that appears after that point.

For example, a page may have 47 seconds of audio. When it loads, the controller only shows 22 seconds of audio. It plays for that 22 seconds and then stops. Since the controller showed that amount, it appears to have played all the way through.

It's essentially cutting off the end of the audio file. This is an intermittent problem experienced by some users and not others, using both wireless and wired connections.

Does anyone have any suggestions?