images as choices in multiple choice question

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I've added images to the choices in my multiple response question.  Now I want to hide the choice box and choice text so that the learner selects the image.  Is that possible?  How do I do that?



  • cainam
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    Not that I know of inside that specific question type (I could be wrong).  You could always use a hotspot question type (just make all your choices one image to use for the question, and then use your hotspots.  or you could always build the question from scratch on your own and make it however you like - that is usually how I do it anyway.
    - Adam Cain
  • danam
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    Hello, I am not always the most conventional problem solver but ...

    If you want to do this, just put transparent buttons on top of the image. The buttons must then modify the variable for the question to equal whatever is needed to create that response. Depending on how you set up your question you may need to have multiple actions on the transparent buttons. you did not specify anything. ( immediate feedback, go to the next page, etc.)
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    thanks for the suggestions