Using points in a course

tbanninga2873 Community Member Posts: 22
Hi there

I am in the process of creating a course that use a bit of gamification in it and have only been using Lectora Online for a few weeks now. I'm struggle to figure out how to get a points system to work properly and I was hoping for some inspiration here.

The scenario:

Each chapter show the total points accumulated so far out of a maximin (so 10 out of 100 for instance) on a dashboard plus there is a grand total of all the chapter points added up together. For this I have a variable for each chapter points and one for the total.

This displays fine on the dashboard for the chapter variables, but I'm not sure what is the best approach to add them all up in the total variable...I could add the chapter variable one by one to the total variable or perhaps have the points added to both the chapter variable and the total variable in the action? Or is there an easier way?

You get points for completing certain actions like a quiz, or drag and drop and other interactive activities. My major issue here is that I get points everytime the user does the action, because the action has been set to change the variable on user click. Is there any way I can make this only count once?  I need this because the course is made up in such a way that the user can go back to sections they have already been.

Thanks for your help!