Winzip or Compressed File when publishing a scorm 1.2 file to Cornerstone LMS?

lnelson Community Member Posts: 6
My company is trying to economize and wants to get rid of WinZip. Does it make a difference to scorm 1.2 publishing if we use the Windows Compressed file instead to publish to Cornerstone LMS?


  • broeme
    broeme Community Member Posts: 94 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I've used a wide variety of compression tools to unzip and rezip Lectora SCORM packages.  While I can't say if I've ever used that <span style="text-decoration: underline;">specific</span> combination (Windows Compression + CSOD), I've never experienced any issues with a file not being successfully uploaded, decompressed, and imported based on tool and LMS.  A number of my clients use CSOD, and I've had no issues...even bouncing between compression levels, the LMS all seem to handle it well.
  • lnelson
    lnelson Community Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for answering, Brian.

    I ended up making the case with the company that we needed WinZip. But thanks for letting me know.
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