Lectora 18 is now available!

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Lectora 18 is available for download!!!!!! Request your license key here.

The primary new features in Lectora 18 include:
  • New, powerful templates make getting started with Lectora easier. These templates are focused on the following: basic linear navigation,  non-linear navigation, audio and video, to Pre-Test/Final Exam, accessibility, and interactive page samples.
  • Stock buttons have been improved to make them easier to use, and are showcased in the Buttons folder of the Stock Library. The new buttons are configurable, allowing the user to change the color and gradient behind a transparent button image.
  • Inspire includes Camtasia 2018 and Snagit 2019
  • Disable a tablet or phone (landscape or portrait) views to simplify Responsive Course Design.
  • HTML5-only publishes exclude any Flash fallback elements so there are no issues importing into your LMS.
  • Scale to Fit - for non-responsive (traditional) titles,  the standard desktop view will be scaled in every browser regardless of the device as long as either of the two existing publish scaling options are checked.
  • View the waveform for audio files when synchronizing events
  • HTML objects now include their Title Explorer object name as text
  • Limit the number of drag items per drop zone
  • The product license key on the Getting Started screen is now selectable and can be copied and pasted into a Support ticket to ensure accuracy.
  • The option to “Add Submit Button” for a question to trigger feedback had been only available when the question was initially created. It is now available after the question has been created and can be added in the question editor
  • When Use Web Accessibility Settings is checked, an option for focus color and width will now be enabled  and Publish for Seamless Play is now disabled.
Plus a long list of bug fixes.

For more information please visit the Release Notes and Known Issues

Interested in seeing the new features before switching?  Join me for a webinar on November 14th.


  • approg
    approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I think it's a brave person indeed who upgrades and does production work with the .0 version.
  • marienhagen
    marienhagen Community Member Posts: 1
    This sounds great, but unfortunately, there are many bugs in Lectora 18, which prevent working. So, the preview does not work. I have to save, close Lectora and restart to see any changes.
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Sounds like the never-ending story with new versions of Lectora...
  • approg
    approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I don't quite follow. Are you suggesting that we should just accept the poor quality testing because they can't/won't do any better?
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    @approg.... cynical remarks hard to express in text ;-) No, i did mean... its always the same story with new releases of Lectora. Its really very very bad they cannot deliver a proper solid first version. I do love Lectora, but getting very worried about its future. Overhere in Europe Articulate360, Rise and Storyline win big time from Trivantis/Lectora just by user-amount. I dont prefer it, but i might have to swap only because its used more overhere.
  • approg
    approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I feel Charlie Brown being offered a football to kick by Lucy with me thinking "Surely this time she won't pull the ball away" but invariably she does.
  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,205 ♦ Idol ♦
    An essential difference to Charlies situation is that the ball she's holding is fully intact ...

    But there are games out there that don't require two players just to kick a ball ;-)
  • jboardman
    jboardman Community Member Posts: 30
    I just had my PC reimaged, and the latest version of Lectora installed. Problem is that SnagIt isn't working. The OneClick doesn't open, the editor only opens if I go to the directory and actually open the executable for it, and it won't take screenshots.

    I'm dead in the water here, and need help!
  • tea
    tea Community Member Posts: 128
    Are you using v18?  If so, what operating system are you using? There is a problem with the new Snagit on Win7, which should be fixed in v18.0.1

    If  you're on Win7, is it possible for you to reinstall?
  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    Snipping tool is just as good....
  • approg
    approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Normally, the correct route for software development is to:
    1. think of features to add
    2. design the features (UI, implementation...)
    3. add those features
    4. test the software fully, and finally
    5. release the software.

    and not

    1. think of features to add
    2. add those features
    3. release the software
    4. wait for people to complain
    5. fix bugs that proper testing would've picked up.
  • carlfink
    carlfink Community Member Posts: 971 ✭ Legend ✭
    I used to test software. It's hard. Lectora is really complex. Not that I think the testing for, say, Seamless Play was adequate--it was not.
  • triedel3286
    triedel3286 Community Member Posts: 4
    Is there any chance to have full SVG Support (for example when using infographics or illustrations) in further Lectora versions?
  • elearnchick
    elearnchick Community Member Posts: 10 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Have you have any luck with Snagit by now? I have the same issue. Snagit does not open (manually nor automatically), yet the process runs in the Task Manager. The Editor opens but I still cannot capture screens from within that program.

    This will be my second re-install but I'm not convinced that will truly resolve the issue.

    I'm considering rolling back Lectora to v17 as I use Snagit more frequently.
  • scoggins
    scoggins Administrator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 29 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hello Sandi,

    There was an issue with Snagit 2019 that TechSmith identified and resolved.  They have provided an updated version to us. Please perform the following steps to install this update.

    To resolve the issue with Snagit 2019, please perform the following steps.
    1. Download the file Snagit_2019_0_1.msi from this location:
    2. In the Windows Search area (usually lower left of your screen) type in cmd.exe
      This should then offer you to open the application: Command Prompt, Desktop app

    3. Press Enter to launch the application
      This will open a command line window.  Here you must type the command to change to the directory to where you downloaded the file, usually c:\\Users\yourname\Downloads  The usual default location when opening the Command Prompt will be c:\\Users\yourname

    4. Then type the following command and press Enter after.
      cd downloads
      Note: you can use cd with 2 dots after to go back up a directory (cd ..)
    5. Now type the following:
      Snagit_2019_0_1.msi /qb TSC_OEM_MODE=”Lectora”
    6. This will launch the installer.  Complete the installation, then launch Lectora, and from the Tools menu, launch SnagIt.
    The corrected version of SnagIt 2019 will be included in the next release of Lectora 18, likely early 2019.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


    The original issue is documented on their website here: https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016642771-Snagit-Windows-Snagit32-exe-Hangs-on-32-Bit-Machines

  • ahetherington9113
    ahetherington9113 Community Member Posts: 132 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Hi all

    I'm still using Lectora Inspire 17.0.6 although I have had v18 since it was released in November last year. I've been holding back because I'm afraid of losing time as a result of issues with the newer version.

    Can anyone advise if they have had a smooth transition to v18, and are there any concerns still lingering? Also, should I jump to v18.1.1?


  • alockwood6897
    alockwood6897 Community Member Posts: 113 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    <span class="handle-sign">@&lt;/span>ahetherington9113 - I am currently using v.18.0.1 and recall having no issues with the move from v.17 to v.18; it's even relatively hassle-free to load up old courses in v.18 (from v.12 even) to update them to v.18. No major concerns from my perspective, but I cannot advise on v.18.1.1, as I have not upgraded to that yet.

    If I remember right, v.18 did not overwrite v.17, but created a separate folder and file system. So, for a while there, I had v.17 installed to fall back on just in case, but never actually needed to resort to it.

    Best of luck!
  • ahetherington9113
    ahetherington9113 Community Member Posts: 132 ☆ Roadie ☆

    Thanks Andy.