Process Test Working in Preview but not Browser

rcarlson8673 Community Member Posts: 37
Hi all,

I know a lot of the times problems in preview mode are resolved after publishing and testing in a browser. Can anyone think of a reason that the opposite may occur though? It works in Preview mode, but does not work after publishing for AICC and testing in a browser?

In this case, I have a four question test. In preview mode, after question 4 is answered and the feedback displays, the test is triggered to process and automatically proceeds to the Test Results page.

When I published for AICC though and test in a browser, process test/survey does nothing. It doesn't proceed to the results page.

Is there any obvious reason this may be occurring?



  • rcarlson8673
    rcarlson8673 Community Member Posts: 37
    I have no idea how to delete posts, but this has been resolved.
  • canadian
    canadian Community Member Posts: 12
    I'm experiencing this error suddenly too. Any tips how to resolve?

    This same content was fine before I republished
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