Reset Scenario

New week new wishlist. it would be great if there was a way to reset everything without having to leave the scenario and come back in. for example at the end of the scenario i give them an option to go back and start again, but as it doesn't reset whether things have been shown or not it doesn't really reset the activity.


  • brobertson4402
    brobertson4402 Community Member Posts: 24
    Place actions on the first page of the scenario that reset all the variables used in the scenario to their default. Anytime one hits that page regardless if it is the first time or 'returning' via your 'go back and start again' option the scenario should be in a pristine, unused, state.
  • jvalley4735
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    I'll pass this along.  Thanks so much for sharing!
  • mhawkins1920
    mhawkins1920 Community Member Posts: 13
    Brian, unfortunately there are no variables in CenarioVR you just have an option to filter whether something has been shown or not shown during the time in the VR experience.

    looks like Jennifer is going to pass it on as a future option though which would be great,
  • t_johnb
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    There are now Variables in CenarioVR! Full variable support with variable substitution in text blocks, conditional branching on variables, and automatic string and integer processing is available. Try it out!

    And, for this post, there is a reset action also that allows you to target an individual scene, or all scenes and all variables.