17.1.6 and 17.1.7 not bookmarking or retaining progress in LMS

klerch1749 Community Member Posts: 8
Since the 17.1.6 version, my course has not been bookmarking or retaining progress in my client's LMS. They use Omnibus. When a 17.1.5 version of the SAME course is published, everything works correctly. Has anybody else had an issue like this?


  • jvalley4735
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    Development is thinking that not much changed in between the two versions. Would it be possible to submit a copy of the course either on here or to the support team for investigation?
  • klerch1749
    klerch1749 Community Member Posts: 8
    I've uploaded the files. I had contacted support and they said:  This is not a known issue.  We have reviewed the course and also run it on an LMS without issue, bookmarking worked.  We used version 17.1.7.  

    We suggest that she try again, but first clear the SCORM publish folder so that there is no previous files there.  C:\Users\coggins\<wbr />Documents\My Titles\170259\scorm\html  I would delete or rename the sub folder \scorm   When the title is published again, it will make a fresh copy of the file.

    However, this didn't work either.
  • ummakumma
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    I have noticed that about three weeks ago and noticed later that the bookmarking does not happen when you close the course straight from browser.
  • carlfink
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    @ummakumma, note that your fellow Forum users can't help because you uploaded the course to Trivantis support, but not here.

    Have you tried different browsers? A privacy setting in the browser can easily prevent bookmarking.
  • smiller7502
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    @CarlFink, what privacy setting is that, please? This could explain a lot for us ...
  • carlfink
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    @Stan Miller, I could certainly be wrong. I'm old--I was thinking of the time when progress was recorded in a browser cookie.
  • ummakumma
    ummakumma Community Member Posts: 97

    Now I had time to setup Lectora 17.1.7. See attached Title. Maybe it´s some setup in publishing options. Because people have not been able to recreate it. But those are the options often need.
  • approg
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    Sorry to do this to you. Try renaming every page in your title so that the page names do not contain any spaces of other non-web friendly characters.

    There "used" to be a bug in which when Lectora compared the content that was written to that which should've have been written would fail because written content would be encoded to make it web safe but it would be compared to the original unencoded content. So for example "Hello world" would not match "Hello%20world" - the space got encoded as %20.
  • heidi
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    Hi, any luck in resolving your issue? We also have a course that will not bookmark in IE when the user closes the browser window (it will bookmark if user clicks the Exit button within our course). The LMS is SumTotal. This did not happen prior to v17.0. Thanks