Lectora v17.1.7 translation issue

jkirk8179 Community Member Posts: 5
Wondered if anyone that has recently upgraded to Lectora v17.1.7 has encountered the same issue as one of my colleagues.

He has sent a completed course to translation, received the relevant .rtf's back and is now in the process of re-integrating these translations.


However, what he has noticed is that if he imports the .rtf file back into the course and quickly does a publish (whether HTML, SCORM or otherwise) all pages he has not visited or checked yet in Lectora remain in the previous language. Yet when he scrolls through the course the text is in the correct languages, almost as if Lectora is publishing from the original authoring language.


I have checked the translated files and can find nothing that could explain this. It's almost as if Lectora has cached the language from the text boxes and isn't overwriting the cache until the developer loads the page.