developer notes

my latest thing that i think would be helpful is somewhere to add developer notes on screen. in our organisation the person who has to update a modules isn't always the person who created it. Even if it is it may be a year since you last looked at the file.

in (articulate storyline... shh) we've used the blank space around a slide to keep notes relevant to that slide such as - this is a hidden interaction; don't delete this as it's actually a trigger for...; check all layers when updating this image etc

Obviously there isn't any empty space in CenarioVR but it would be good if each scene could have an option to add notes (that don't get shown to anyone except the developers)

next step is to get more licenses so this becomes applicable! :D


  • rleon7185
    rleon7185 Community Member Posts: 6
    Makes sense. I'll make note of it for our future plans. Thanks again for your input. We look forward to serving more authors within your organization and supporting your collaboration efforts!