Crash importing PKG file

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For the first time, we are working with a vendor who is working in Lectora Online; we use Inspire. The vendor is sending us PKG files, but Inspire crashes when I try to import them. I've tried in v16 and v17, same result.

Is there any way to tell whether I'm doing something wrong or whether the vendor isn't creating the PKG file correctly? We have no experience with Lectora Online, so I don't know if there are steps they could be missing or what. Here's what I'm doing at my end:
  1. Launch Lectora Inspire (v16 or v17).
  2. Close the default title it opens.
  3. File > Import > Lectora Online Package.
  4. Point the Package File to Import box at the PKG file.
  5. Point the Directory for Imported Title box to a new folder.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Lectora crashes.
I've also tried extracting the PKG file with 7-zip and importing the XML file, same result.


  • jvalley4735
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    Very odd.  The corruption of the file could be at any point in the process so it's hard to say. Bad upload. Bad download. Maybe associating the PKG file to a program so it doesn't get whitelisted on your computer? Are you able to share the file (if not publically then with Support)?
  • mnotermans5114
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    Ask the original vendor to reimport the packages in Online to check whether they are fine or corrupted.
    They probably are corrupted, just did a test exporting a pkg from Online and importing it in Lectora Inspire 16.2.2

    No problem whatsoever, so my guess is they got corrupted somehow...ask them to do it again ;-)
    And ask them to do a check and reimport it in Online after make sure they are fine.

    Kind regards,

  • smiller7502
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    Sorry for not replying, and thank you for your thoughts. The vendor has sent a PKG file for a different course that imported just fine. Both courses are built on a template we provided, so this tells me there's nothing wrong with our template. The vendor is working with Trivantis support to understand what's gone wrong; if I learn the cause, I'll post here.