Issue with video progress bar in Internet Explorer

sbristow7364 Community Member Posts: 8

We've uploaded a Lectora 17 course to our LMS Cornerstone. When playing a video (.mp4 format) the progress bar doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer 11. It doesn't allow you to move back or forward. When you hover over the cc to turn the captions on, you can't select any option as the pop up disappears as soon as you move the mouse. You can't adjust the volume because of the same issue (option disappears when mouse moves). Course compatibility is set to IE 10 (highest option available in LMS). It works fine in preview mode in IE. It works fine in Chrome.

I've tried:
- Changing the skin of the controller
- Deselecting "Publish for Seamless Play"

What else am I missing? Any help greatly appreciated!


  • sbristow7364
    sbristow7364 Community Member Posts: 8
    Figured it out. Course compatibility for IE in LMS needs to be set to None.
  • rwatkins9162
    rwatkins9162 Community Member Posts: 17
    You've been lucky to get videos to play at all in IE. Our company's default browser is IE11 and I cannot begin to list all the issues we've had. Our LMS, Brainer, has this same setting, but it has no effect. The videos still gag and stop after a few slides no matter what.

    We've been pushing everyone to use Chrome for a better experience. You might want to consider that as well. It's only going to be a matter of time before IE lets you down in other ways like animations not loading or working, button and other sfx not playing when clicked, or IE crashing your lesson just because it feels like it that day.

    Good luck. You are brave.
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