objects on screen

more in the wish-list options.

it would be nice to be able to group items so you can choose to show/hide everything at once rather than remember to hide the text box, and the close hotspot etc.

a magic, "hide all other items" option would be good too. my scenario has people being able to wander around an area and interact with different things before making a decision by answering a question. once they answer i want to be able to turn all the other hotspots, info cards, questions etc to hidden and i have to do it one at a time.

when you have more than one scene it would be good to be able to decide if you want the scene to start again when you revisit or if you want to be the same as when they left it. I have an initial scene in my module which starts with a series of info cards as instructions. once they have read them the cards disappear and the hotspots / interactions appear. if they leave that scene and come back they see the intro cards again. I've got around that by adding a second identical scene without the info cards for them to "return" to but it adds size to the module and is painful to have to build everything else again too. - on that note can we copy a scene?


  • rleon7185
    rleon7185 Community Member Posts: 6
    Have you tried using the conditional statements (Action/If) to solve the coming back to scene use case? There is an option there to Hide or Jump to Scene Time if certain conditions have been met.
  • mhawkins1920
    mhawkins1920 Community Member Posts: 13
    that's a good point, i haven't really played with screen time as they are still 360 images rather than video. I'll have a look!